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Expectations are a ground for huge refreshing eye-openers! If you are spellbound by the immeasurable magic that is the world of perfumes, no matter a master parfumeur, or a fragrance aficionado, then you have heard of the Bulgarian Rose Valley. Well, I don’t live there. It’s in the middle of Bulgaria, almost at the geographical center of our country. But I live at the Western border, in Kyustendil, in a valley as beautiful and fertile as the Rose valley. Cherries and plums, apples and pears – those are the fruits of our region, but not roses, or anything herbal and aromatic on a large-scale production. Can you imagine my stunned face and nose, when this year I found that the prolonged April showers did bring a profusion of May flowers? Like I never knew the flow of things could go this way. Like it is the first time that many rose blooms saturate the air with their endorphin-inducing scent. Every little piece of cultivated green space has at least one rosebush. See it for yourself!

Balconies, porches, hedges…


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Battle of Leathers

The skin is the breathing on the surface. Her scent is equally the most difficult and most easily perceived kaleidoscope.In fact, there is no real “skin extract” in perfume. Recalling the naturalistic scenes from “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” is delusional. There are birch tar and myrtle, cistus, muscone, styrax, isobutyl quinoline, cassia, juniper oil, castoreum, aldehydes, tobacco, black tea and whatnot, adding to the bitter, dusty or lacquered shades of the idea of skin. Whether you understand leather tanning and chemistry or not, skin attracts like gravity and pushes back like identical charges.king-arthur-woad-keira-knightley

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P1210188aRose of the Fall – the sun, tucked away in the folds of a fairy’s petticoat,

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Dulcet rede

P1270038aHave you overfed with sweets?

For example – cotton candy? Freshly gathered honey?

The head runs heavy, the sinuses are tightened,

a longing for an ice-cold soda. It tastes so sweet that bitters!

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Nearly forgot…Prima annusata 9

The artist in me has been stowing for a long time this summer. The summer squeezed through sheets of paper for textbook encasing, locks of sun-bleached hair and cutting holes of cider cans.

The artist must buck up, fend off the dusty thoughts and feelings, dive into autumn clouds and breathe, and breathe …


Do away and stride forward.

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Prima annusata 8

In the first days of summer, I keep sharing reflections on scents I tried over the past two months.


Weather: Spring is in full swing. As if Wormwood wine flows in streams, somewhat bitter, but quickening the juices of grass and trees, everything blooming, overflowing, flying, smiling. I am eager for everything beautiful that is coming toward me, I seem to foretell.


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Prima annusata 7

2012AA41629Lately, I have been living in a Dali’s painting. Don’t envy, it’s preposterous. A distortion from an omniscient point of view. I can clearly imagine my brain as a remnant of toothpaste squeezing itself out through my ears and my nose, my hands lifeless as a strained sling, and my feet – duly dissected, chiseled and joined again with Chinese chopsticks … Reasons – a shedload. Anxious nail biting and head scratching, paranoid glancing and twitching, depressive drowsiness and lethargy. It is fashionable, they say. But I do not want them fashion! I have to tread carefully, to look around, to listen attentively, to seek per-ma-nent-ly. This relentlessly strenuous and jading. Thence, you will forgive my long silence and absence.

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Lux Aurumque*


Calida gravisque pura velut aurum

Et canunt angeli molliter

modo natum.



warm and heavy as pure gold

and angels sing softly

to the new-born babe.

Edward Esch

The good in the world has no end. It is flowing, circling, transforming and it always finds its way to the one who needs it, or back to whoever created it. The malice is asleep and sleeps longer when we forget it, when nobody speaks about it. I remember good and want to do good.

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Sultana / B26

I-photographed-women-from-37-countries-to-show-that-beauty-is-everywhere8__880Sultana can narrate sheer fairy tales,

but she can knead a worthy bread, as well,

as soon she sings, seven wells spout their living water,

the soul dissolves in ecstasy and splatters.

It won’t be long until you apprehend the universal truths,

while she’s unflinchingly reciting proofs.

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Study 34

1It is immature to hide your age. Even more immature is to be flapping it like a white flag because of pride or prejudice. I do not live up to these things. I confess and that’s it. But lately my child got the habit to swell with importance, inflate like a turkey and run off at every opportunity “I am 6, but my mother is 34”. Meaning, she is paying respect to me with her slipped words, the others have fun, and I meditate on the occasion. For nearly five years, I am stepping in and sloshing around the seemingly calm and clear waters of the third decade of life, and I had not recognized it. Until now. Or more precisely, till the moment I came across the list “34 ingenious ways to de-clutter your entire life”. Perceiving myself as a whole lotta messy, it came out of the blue, I am actually applying many of them, daily! The rule of five , the prioritized making of the bed, the boxes and boxlettes for sorting and stowing, the order of cleaning the fridge (and not only), the detox of the Facebook account (the mail, too), the low-set towel hooks … But these are physically facilitating tricks. The mental de-clutters are more difficult to invent and implement. Some I have come up with so far…: bedtime before 11pm (hard to keep it, I am much into staying late). Avoiding alcohol on weekdays (I do pretty well with this, not easily tempted). Only one TV and outside the bedroom, neglecting the news, the talk shows, the realities and the soap operas. Half a day without a computer, a tablet, a smartphone (oh, my … at least I do not have a smartphone). Exercising every day. At least half an hour out, walking. Reading a book every day. Reading the child to sleep – every evening (there are skips, of course, preceded usually by louder educational explanations than needed at this time of the day). I will not digress on the issue of healthy life, but these generally easy to follow tricks really “pick up” and balance the daily life of a 30-year-old.

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